​Associated Alarm Points

What is an Associated Alarm Point?

Associated Alarm Points

An Associated Alarm Point is an pressure point that related directly to the neurological aspect of the organ it represents. The Associated Alarm Points are found on the back of the body on right hand side, on the Bladder Meridian. These are far more dangerous than the front set of Alarm Points as they relate directly to the neurological connection to the organ. A proper strike can in theory “shut off: the
organ. But I will explain more later.Because of the size of the Bladder Meridian we mark these point as to where they are found
along the spine.

The breakdown is below. Location of Associated Alarm Points. All Associated Alarm Points can be land-marked my using the vertebra of the spine. Here is the listing of point and exact location. Please note we are interested in the urinary bladder points on the right side of the body. These are not in the order of the Diurnal Cycle but in the order in which they are on the body.

 1. Lung – BL-13 at T3
 2. Pericardium - BL-14 at T4
 3. Heart - BL-15 at T5
 4. Liver - BL-18 at T9
 5. Gall Bladder - BL-19 at T10
 6. Spleen - BL-20 at T11
 7. Stomach - BL-21 at T12
 8. Triple Warmer – BL-22 at L1
 9. Kidney – BL-23 at L2
 10. Large Intestine – BL-25 at L4
 11. Small Intestine – BL-27 at S1
 12. Bladder – BL-28 at S2

These are the basic Associated Alarm Points but I will talk of the others later. Below is a a
diagram of the spine to help you to locate the points. Looking at the spine, count the veribre and
then move to the right for the Bladder point.

Now we will look at angle and direction as well as activation.

1. Lung – B-13 Strike in and Down
2. Large Intestine - B-25 Strike in and up or in and down
3. Stomach – B-21 Strike in and up
4. Spleen – B-20 Strike in and up
5. Heart – B-15 Strike in and up towards the heart
6. Small Intestine – B-27 Strike in and up or in and down
7. Bladder – B-28 Strike in and down
8. Kidney – BL-23 Strike in and down
9. Pericardium – BL-14 Strike in and up toward the heart
10. Triple Warmer – B-22 Strike in and down
11. Gall Bladder – B-19 Strike in and down
12. Liver – B-18 Strike in and down

Striking any of these Alarm Points will cause activate of the related meridian bi-laterally, also
activating Triple Warmer bi-laterally. Bladder will be activated on the right side of the body.
Once again, grasping is the best striking action as you are hitting the Bladder Meridian which is
the Water element.

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