Collateral Pressure Points

The follow points connect to meridians not normally charted. They run deep and will connect directly to other meridians as you will see in the chart.

1. Lung 7 – Connects to the Large Intestine Meridian.
2. Small Intestine 7 – Connect to the Heart Meridian.
3. Stomach 40 – Connect to the Spleen Meridian.
4. Spleen 4 – Connect to the Stomach Meridian
5. Liver 6 – Connect to the Lung Meridian
6. Bladder 58 – Connects to the Kidney Meridian
7. Kidney 4 – Connects to the Bladder Meridian
8. Pericardium 6 – Connect to Triple Warmer Meridian
9. Triple Warmer 5 – Connect to Pericardium Meridian
10. Gall Bladder 37 – Connect to the Liver Meridian
11. Liver 5 – Connect to Gall Bladder
12. Conception 15 – Connect to Governor Vessel
13. Governor 1 – Connect to the Conception Vessel
14. Heart 5 – Connect to Small Intestine
15. Spleen 21 – Major Collateral connect and wraps around the entire chest.

You will note looking at these points that their relation is in the Diurnal Cycle. However, activation of the points also gives you the principle of Yin and Yang at the same time as the Diurnal Cycle. Now if you group your strikes with the Diurnal Cycle in mind, you can cheat the cycle by requiring less hits, get the double the effect or each strike.

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