Extraordinary Pressure Points

Extraordinary Pressure Points

What are Extraordinary Pressure Points?

Extraordinary Pressure Points are points that were mapped in acupuncture after the initial set were done. They each have their own unique purpose and character. Here is a breakdown for you.

  • They have no relationship directly to Yin or Yang
  • They are not externally or internally related to each other.
  • They “tend” to take on the characteristics of the closest meridian, but not always.
  • They may run over top of a regular meridian
  • They assist the functions of the regular meridians
  • They help to co-ordinate or balance the Blood and Qi sides of the body.

Extraordinary Point Listing and Locations

1. M-HN-3 - Glabella area or the area between the eyebrows and nose
2. M-HN-9 - Beside the nose.
3. M-HN-14 - Bridge of the Nose
4. M-HN-19 – Located on the lateral corner of the chin
5. M-CA-23 - Umbilicus Triangle
6. M-CA-18 - Lateral Pelvis
7. M-UE-24 - Between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal
8. M-EU-26 - Hollow of the elbow
9. M-EU-48 - Anterior Shoulder area
10. M-UE-27 – Above the knee

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