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Unlock the secrets of Kyusho Jitsu with our comprehensive online resource, the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu. This dynamic project is more than just a reference; it's a live and ever-expanding repository for all things Kyusho Jitsu. Powered by GTranslate for multi-language accessibility, and featuring an AI Assistant for instant answers, this is your go-to guide for mastering the art.

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Why Choose Our Encyclopedia?

Constant Evolution: This live reference is a never-ending project, continuously growing and updating at no additional cost to our valued users. As our research progresses, so does the wealth of knowledge available to you.

Extensive Technical Reference: Dive into the intricate details of pressure points, meridians, and a roadmap for each of the 361+ pressure points on the body.

What is in this Encyclopedia?

Here is a breakdown of the contents in this all new project.

  • Principles and Theories: Gain insights into the core principles and theories that form the foundation of Kyusho Jitsu.
  • Comprehensive Visuals: Access charts, diagrams, and images for enhanced understanding, accompanied by links to articles and embedded videos for a holistic learning experience.
  • Medical Insights: Explore over 175 detailed Gray's Anatomy-style references of Western medical terms, along with glossaries of Chinese Medicine terms and non-medical Kyusho terms.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Cross-referenced for easy exploration, making your journey through the world of Kyusho Jitsu seamless and intuitive.

Explore the Power of Kyusho Jitsu with Our Encyclopedia:
  • Kyusho Terminology Decoded: Dive into a comprehensive glossary of Kyusho terms with clear definitions for quick and easy reference.
  • Visual Mastery: Immerse yourself in our extensive collection of charts, diagrams, and pictures, providing a visual guide to every aspect of Kyusho Jitsu.
  • Rich Multimedia Experience: Enhance your learning with links to articles for in-depth exploration and embedded videos that bring techniques to life.
  • Medical Precision: Access over 175 meticulously detailed references of Western Medical Terms, presented in a style reminiscent of Gray's Anatomy.
  • Eastern Wisdom Unveiled: Uncover the mysteries of Chinese Medicine with a dedicated glossary, bridging the gap between traditional and modern practices.
  • Beyond the Dojo: Our glossary of Non-Medical, Non-Kyusho Terms broadens your understanding, ensuring a holistic perspective on the art.
  • Seamless Navigation: Explore with ease as our Encyclopedia is cross-referenced for pressure points, creating a fluid and intuitive learning experience.
  • Ever-Growing Knowledge Base: Witness the continuous expansion of our content, with new additions and updates regularly to keep you at the forefront of Kyusho Jitsu.

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Unlocking Kyusho Jitsu Wisdom - How It Works:

When you make a purchase, an account with a unique username and password is created, granting you exclusive access to the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu. Our site has been meticulously optimized to ensure a seamless experience across all platforms and browsers, with a special emphasis on being exceptionally "mobile-friendly."

Universal Accessibility:
Compatible with new and old iPhones, Android devices, and every other tested platform, our Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience for all users. While optional apps are available, they are not necessary for full functionality.

Introducing Your AI Assistant:
Explore the unprecedented convenience of our integrated AI Assistant, a feature not found anywhere else in the Kyusho Jitsu universe. Accessed directly from the
Index Page, this AI Assistant is your intelligent companion, helping you swiftly find the precise information you seek.

A Living Knowledge Base:
Unlike traditional subscription models, the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu is a one-time purchase. As my research expands, so does this project. Every enhancement, addition, and update is included at no extra cost, making this a continuously evolving and enriching resource for your Kyusho Jitsu journey.

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