Pressure Point

Pressure Points

What is a Pressure Point?

​The old time martial arts masters called them nerve strikes, and this is really a very accurate way of putting things. A pressure point refers to a location of a nerve on the body used in acupuncture to heal. We on the other hand use it to cause pain, disable an limb or cause unconsciousness. A pressure point, by definition is a place on the body where a nerve ends, crosses or branches off in a "Y." They are found all over the body, as there are ​361standard pressure points.  There is also another set referred to as extraordinary pressure points that were mapped after the initial set.

Most of all the areas of activation, the useful areas for strikes is the size of a silver dollar or Looney in Canadian currency. There are 3 different methods of activation of these points. They are either touch, rub or strike points. They can also be combinations. The term "pressure" points is therefore not very accurate. Pressure points need to be attacked in the correct manner for each point to be effective. Points are attacked at a 45 degree angle using 2 Way Action. The correct "direction" will vary from point to point.

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